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Effective Security Services in Quincy, MA

Effective Security Services in Quincy, MA

Keep your company safe with security services in Quincy, MA and Boston from Universal Security LLC.
The secret to our success is our core values, which are:

• Unity
• Nicety
• Intuition
• Veracity
• Education
• Earnest
• Awareness
• Loyalty
• Longevity
• Reliability
• Responsibility
• Safety

Patrol Services

If you manage a construction site, then you know the importance of round-the-clock patrol. You may have important materials stored that require protection while the site is closed. It is our duty to keep your business parameters safe. We also provide security patrol for malls and grocery stores. With thousands of people going in and out of these establishments every day, it is vital that your customers feel safe and secure when shopping.

Licensed to Protect
We are licensed by WatchGuard™. This license requires an extensive background search through state police for qualification. It serves as proof of our dedication and ability to protect you from harm.

Security Services
You'll never know what could happen when you're a star. Celebrities in public events need to be protected from rabid fans and paparazzi. We are here to provide them with security in case something goes awry. We secure valuable jewelry as they are delivered. 

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