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Reliable Security Guards in Quincy, MA

The place you work at or the event you attend could be a target by someone meaning to cause harm. However, you do not have to live in constant fear. Ensure the safety of you, your employees, or your guests with our security guards in Quincy, MA. We have the skills and experience to protect you from all kinds of physical threats. Depend on us to give you peace of mind about the places where you gather for work or special occasions.

Security Services

Protect your precious property with security services from Universal Security LLC in Boston and Quincy, Massachusetts and the greater New England area. Make sure that your event or business stays safe from harm, any time of the day, any day of the week. We can also help you in assisting customers with information services, such as answering calls.

Keeping You Safe

Just like police cars on the streets, private security cars that are visible can be effective in deterring crime. Our manpower agency provides security patrol services so that potential burglars, thieves, or attackers know someone is watching. This type of security is ideal for construction sites where there is a lot of expensive equipment and materials. Security patrols are also effective in parking lots and parking garages where people are vulnerable while they are walking to and from their vehicles.

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About Us

Universal Security LLC is a manpower agency in Quincy, MA, that provides private security services for various industries. With more than 15 years of combined experience working for-profit and nonprofit organizations, we have the expertise and experience to protect you and your business in all kinds of situations. We have some of the friendliest staff you will meet. Known as the People's People, they provide professional service, whether it's answering calls for you, or keeping your grocery store protected from robbery or intrusion. We also handle more serious jobs, such as protecting valuables and high-profile clients on the road.

Mission Statement:
Through our fine detail and distinction to provide our clients with unprecedented services, we will firmly enforce our highest standards in every aspect offered to our clients. Professionalism, integrity, and high-quality services are guaranteed through our dedication to maintaining the trust of our clients.

Contact us for skilled personnel that will provide the protection you want. We proudly serve Quincy, MA, and surrounding areas.

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